Care Property WA Strata Management offers consulting services to developers to assist with all aspects of strata management.

Strata management involves a diversified range of administrative tasks, which are easiest to maintain in an organised and structured way when planned right from the beginning. Our dedicated strata managers are extremely knowledgeable and up-to-date with the latest business developments and standards, so we can give you valuable advice just when you need it.

Care Property strata managers are not only well-versed in legal and administrative matters, but also in project management. In the final instance, we help you with the smooth transition of ownership from developer to the buyers. Save yourself a lot of stress, time and money by relying on our professional strata management staff.

Some of the strata services Care Property can provide for developers are:

  • Sales contract preparation – administrational topics and reserve fund budgets
  • Selection of suitable strata insurance
  • Advice for preparation of management statement rules
  • Buyer communication with pre-settlement strata letters
  • Preparation and distribution of inaugural general meeting minutes
  • Registration of the strata plan with the national debt collection services
  • Common seal stamp organisation
  • Writing to DFES (transfer of DBA contract if required)
  • TFN and ABN setup for strata company
  • Setting up of a strata accounting system with buyer database
  • Utilities account transfer from development company to strata company
  • Preparation of section 43’s for the buyer’s settlement agents
  • Coordination of a 3 / 6 months defect warranty period