Looking For A New Strata Manager?

Having an experienced, trusted strata management company makes all the difference.  If you’re looking for a strata management company, Care Property WA Strata Management is your best choice, as our many happy clients can confirm.

You can rely on Care Property WA Strata Management to be on your side whenever you need us, wherever you need us, with up-to-date advice and years of industry knowledge and experience. Having been involved with a number of different industry property projects, we are across all aspects of strata management.  Owner’s often look for new strata managers for their buildings when they have lost trust in their existing strata management or when hardened fronts between the different parties make dealing with all involved persons difficult.

Care Property WA Strata Management can help you to get everything back on track by opening discussions in a neutral way and solving problems with expertise and professional communication. We’re here to keep the facilities of your building in impeccable shape, because really caring for each property is what makes our strata service quality outstanding. By being both present on-site as well as keeping in touch with the property owners, our friendly team will deliver the high quality strata management service that you’re looking for.

We’re experienced in taking over strata management for existing buildings, when:

  • Trust in existing strata management is lost
  • Strata service quality is not up to the desired standards
  • Communication between the strata manager and its  owner’s is lacking regularity or clarity
  • Continuous going over budget or time frames
  • Finances are not adding up correctly
  • Maintenance issues are not addressed in a timely manner
  • Existing strata management lacks in strata competence
  • Insufficient emergency services exist
  • Required licenses, certifications or documents are not provided